All Russian River Valley; Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Our 2018 Russian River Vineyard Sources

  • DUTTON RANCH – this is a collection of 80 vineyards and over 1200 acres. MARITANA VINEYARDS has the original planting at Shop Block 1967 and the most highly prized Hansen Hill. Superb Chardonnay growers. This is the cornerstone of the “La Rivière” Russian River Valley Chardonnay cuvée.
  • JENKINS RANCH – located in the hills to the SW of Sebastopol on perfect Gold Ridge Loam soils the Jenkins Ranch is lovingly farmed by the master vineyardist Charlie Chenoweth. Deeply flavored and complex wines are the result of both site and the vineyard work.
  • MARTAELLA VINEYARD – the home ranch for the Benovia Winery and planted with a number of clones of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. MARITANA VINEYARDS is taking 3 different clones of Pinot Noir to form the core of the “Le Russe” Russian River Valley Pinot Noir cuvée. Perfumed and complex wines with great textures – it will deliver superb quality.
  • MOONSHINE RANCH –  this beautiful Pinot Noir vineyard is owned and farmed by the Martinelli family. A combination of Clone 828 and “Pommard” making complex and balanced wines for us.
  • MARTINELLI RIVER ROAD VINEYARD – a signature vineyard from the Martinelli family planted to Dijon clone 76. A core piece of the 2018 “La Rivière” Chardonnay blend. Purity, mineral, floral and bright textured wine adds its voice to the blend.
  • KENT RITCHIE VINEYARD – location growing Russian River Valley Chardonnay. Mature vine “Wente-Clone” Chardonnay producing intense and complex wines from a number of wineries. Ours is coming from a very small hillside piece called “Don P”.